March for Life 2010

March for LifeUrgent Bulletin from the U.S. Bishops on Health Care Reform! Click, here.

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This year’s March for Life bus trip is right around the corner and the St. Patrick’s Respect Life office is gearing up for another big turnout.  Can you believe this year marks  the 37th annual March for Life?  And after all these years the March for Life is still the biggest annual march and rally that takes place in Washington, D.C. with over 300,000 participants.  Also, did you know that almost two-thirds of those who attend the March for Life are confirmation age and young adults?  Praise Jesus for that!!

Sign-up for the March for Life 2010 Pilgrimage by clicking here.  Review schedule and details of the trip by clicking here.  View photos from our past March for Life Pilgrimages by clicking here.  Find all forms by clicking here. Directions to St. Patrick’s are here.

The first order of business is to thank all those who took the pilgrimage to the March for Life in 2009.  Each one of you acted with courage and guidance from the Holy Spirit.  You were an awesome sight to see, all 100 of you in a sea of 300,000,  marching peacefully and respectfully up Constitution Avenue.  And because of your presence at the March for Life our representatives are taking notice!  Last year over 25 Congressmen and Senators spoke at the pre-march rally on the Capitol Mall, pledging their commitment to protect all human life, from conception to natural death. And this year more Congressmen and Senators are expected to speak at the pre-march rally!

Since the polling question was first asked in 1995, more American’s, today, consider themselves pro-life than pro-choice.

In the last year there has been a shift in how Americans view abortion.  Since the polling question was first asked in 1995, more American’s consider themselves pro-life than pro-choice.  And as those who have attended the March for Life over the past few years can attest, this is not a temporary shift but a trend.  And in the words of Martha Stewart, this trend is a “good thing”.   This year’s March for Life takes on even more importance due the current health care legislation from the U.S. Senate which the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops calls, “unacceptable”, due to the language for federal funding of abortion.  If there was a year that your presence was needed at the March for Life,  2010 is it!

Each of us is Willed, each of us is Loved, each of us is Necessary.

~ Pope Benedict XVI

In that light, the Respect Life Office has started the sign-up for the 2010 March for Life bus trip.  St. Patrick’s Church will underwrite the cost of the bus for all those who wish to take the pilgrimage.  More details will follow in next week’s bulletin and the basic information of the trip is below.  Note, as of Sunday, January 3rd, a website has been setup with a sign-up form, detailed information and contact information.  You may contact Respect Life Office leader Jeffrey Moore at (516) 322-5225.

Change Hearts, Save Lives at the March for Life 2010

Pilgrimage on January 22nd, 2010

Length: Day trip

Cost to you: Free

March for Life Confirmation Video (Set speaker level to low before you start the video)