Urgent Bulletin from the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops on Health Care Reform

March for LifeThe following is an urgent bulletin from the USCCB regarding Health Care Reform.  Click here to download the full PDF.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

3211 FOURTH STREET NE  WASHINGTON DC 20017-1194  202-541-3103  FAX 202-541-3166
Stop Abortion Funding in Health Care Reform!
Protect Conscience
Ensure Affordable Health Coverage
Allow Immigrants to Purchase Private Health Insurance
As long-time advocates of health care reform, the U.S. Catholic bishops continue to make the moral
case that genuine health care reform must protect the life, dignity, consciences and health of all,
especially the poor and vulnerable. Health care reform should not advance a pro-abortion agenda in
our country.
 On November 7, the U.S. House of Representatives passed major health care reform that
reaffirms the essential, longstanding and widely supported policy against using federal funds
for elective abortions and includes positive measures on affordability and immigrants.
 On December 24, the U.S. Senate rejected this policy and passed health care reform that
requires federal funds to help subsidize and promote health plans that cover elective
abortions. All purchasers of such plans will be required to pay for other people’s abortions
through a separate payment solely to pay for abortion.
 Outside the abortion context, neither bill has adequate conscience protection for health care
providers, plans or employers.
 These two bills must now be combined into one bill that both the House and Senate will vote
on in final form. Provisions against abortion funding and in favor of conscience protection,
affordability, and immigrants’ access to health care must be part of a fair and just health care
reform bill, or the final bill must be opposed.
ACTION: Contact your Representative and Senators today by e-mail, phone or FAX.
 To send a pre-written, instant e-mail to Congress go to www.usccb.org/action.
 Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at: 202-224-3121, or call your Members’ local offices.
Contact info can be found on Members’ web sites at www.house.gov & www.senate.gov.
“I am pleased that the House health care bill maintains the longstanding policy against
federal funding of abortion. I urge you to work to uphold essential provisions against
abortion funding, to include full conscience protection and to assure that health care is
accessible and affordable for all. Until and unless these criteria are met, I urge you to oppose
the final bill.”
“I am deeply disappointed that the Senate health care bill fails to maintain the longstanding
policy against federal funding of abortion and does not include adequate protection for
conscience. I urge you to support essential provisions against abortion funding, similar to
those in the House bill. Include full conscience protection and assure that health care is
accessible and affordable for all. Until and unless these criteria are met, I urge you to oppose
the final bill.”
WHEN: Votes in the House and Senate on the final bill are expected in January.
Act today! Thank You!