March for Life 2010 is a Success!!

March for LifeThere is something happening to our nation, something good.  And guess who is leading the way to our better tomorrow?  The youth!  The picture below (March for Life 2010 photo’s) captures what the majority of the youth in our nation intuitively understand. That Life, all Life, is precious.  Here are some numbers: Over 100 parishioners took the journey to the March for Life from St. Patrick’s Church.  10 Confirmation candidates, 11 Youth Group members and 8 Family’s.  58 were female, 50 were male. 53 were under 25!  More stat’s, pictures and video on the way, stay tuned.

St. Patrick’s Respect Life Office would like to thank all those who contributed to the cost of the buses. We’d especially like to thank the bus company World Wide Tours, Michael Shub,  and our drivers, Willie and Alvin, for comfortable, clean buses, a smooth charter process and most of all a safe trip.  Bus captains Dave & Marylin Johnson and Rich Lucidi were invaluable and kept the entire group together so well that not one person went missing. That’s not easy when you are in a sea of over 300,000. Yes, 300,000!  You wouldn’t know that from the media coverage, or lack thereof, but the counting has been done. More on this later in the week.