Post-Parade Party March 18, 2018

There will be a family-friendly post-Parade Party right at the end of the Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade route, at St. Patrick’s Parish Hall.

The party features non-stop Irish music and a performance by the massed pipe bands performing in the Parade.

Sunday, March 18, 2018, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

St. Patrick’s Parish Hall

$15 Donation:  Corned Beef Dinner – Cash Bar

Ticket Reservations:

  • Ann Kelly:  516-314-6210

An Appreciation of Det. Steven McDonald

Steven McDonald reviewing the 1990 Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade, accompanied by Jack Irwin, Mike Moran and Dominick Kiernan.

Nearly three decades ago, I marched in the Second Annual Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which took place on the bitterly cold Sunday afternoon of March 4, 1990, but the hearts of the marchers and spectators were warmed that day by the chance to honor a true American Irish hero, Police Officer Steven McDonald.

A resident of Malverne, Long Island, McDonald was permanently paralyzed as the result of a vicious shooting while questioning three thieves in Central Park.  His injuries left him confined to a wheel chair and constantly attached to a respirator in order to sustain his life.  At the time of the shooting, Steven’s wife, Patti was expecting their son, Conor, who is now a Detective with the NYPD.

The Honorary Grand Marshal that year was Irish republican activist and political prisoner Joe Doherty, who was in the middle of a nine year long battle to avoid deportation. Joe was strongly supported by Detective McDonald and many members and friends of the Irish American community. This writer has heard all manner of speeches and presentations on Irish issues on both sides of the Atlantic, but the most powerful and heartfelt I recall was a wonderful address given by Steven McDonald at a rally in support of Joe held at Foley Square in Manhattan.  Steven is a fixture to this day at many Irish American events and commemorations.

Newspaper accounts of the 1990 Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Glen Cove Mayor Don DeRiggi with Steven McDonald and Glen Cove Police Officers Pat Wright and Steve Vetrone.

Remaining with the NYPD and eventually being promoted to the rank of Detective, McDonald has become a beloved icon, especially among his fellow Irish Catholic New Yorkers, because of his tireless preaching of the Christian message of peace and forgiveness, which he even extended to the assailant who so grievously wounded him.

Steven McDonald and Mychal Judge on one of their peace missions to Ireland.

Steven announced his forgiveness of his attacker at at Conor’s Baptism.  As he explains:  “I wanted to free myself of all the negative, destructive emotions that this act of violence awoke in me – the anger, the bitterness, the hatred. I needed to free myself of those so I could be free to love my wife and our child and those around us.”

When asked why he forgave, Steven answers:  “I often tell people that the only thing worse than a bullet in my spine would have been to nurture revenge in my heart. Such an attitude would have extended my tragic injury into my soul, hurting my wife, son, and others even more. It is bad enough that the physical effects are permanent, but at least I can choose to prevent spiritual injury.

Another of our local heroes, the beloved Fr. Mychal Judge, the first recorded fatality at the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center, became Steven’s spiritual adviser and a fast friend of the McDonald family.  Steven and Mychal led three peace missions to Ireland to bolster the peace process in its early days and Steven continues to preach peace and reconciliation there and elsewhere.

Pope John Paul II praying with Patti McDonald and Fr. Mychal Judge in Rome.

Patti and Steven McDonald entering St. Patrick’s Parish Hall, March 4, 1990

Steven has been tireless in repeating his message of hope, especially at the hundreds of schools he has visited, and to young police officers he meets with and encourages on a regular basis.  A few days before Christmas, he held a televised meeting with officers at at an NYPD station house and repeated his message of peace, reconciliation and suicide prevention.  He mentioned that when he was hot thirty years early, doctors had not expected him to live more than five years.

Steven McDonald leading the Second Annual Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade, March 4, 1990.

In his talk, Steven attributed his survival to the skill of his doctors and his eschewal of hatred.  Conor stood by his side and echoed him, stating that hate would otherwise “have have eaten him alive” and that he would have been long dead had that happened. Steven finished by stating, “We will give you everything. I hope I have demonstrated that.”

Before the same Christmas season had ended, Steven was felled by a massive coronary.  He died soon thereafter, on January 10, 2017.


Steven McDonald, Gerry Adams and Rita O’Hare at Calvary Cemetery, Queens, in September, 2015 for the O’Donovan Rossa Commemoration.


Hooley/Sash Presentation Ceremony Feb 18

shamrock-clip-art-15Join the fun at the:

 Sponsored by the Glen Cove Hibernians

      SATURDAY, February 18, 2017

 7:00 – 10:00 P.M.

St. Rocco Parish Hall
18 3rd St., Glen Cove, NY 11542

Donation: $15.00

Bring your own sharing dish

Bring your own Beverage

Bring a “Party Piece*” to share (or just come and listen!)

For information:

 Ann Kelly: 516-671-4518
Robert Lynch: 516-782-7494

“Hooley” is a fun word for a very lively, informal Irish house party.  It’s a tradition that dates back in Ireland and Irish America to the days before recorded entertainment, before radio and TV.  It still lingers among people who understand how much fun it can be for friends and family to entertain each other.

The party centers around the idea of the “party piece”.  A lot of people come to the party prepared with at least one party piece of entertainment – a song or a tune on an instrument, a stepdance, a poem, a recitation, or a joke or story to tell – for the enjoyment of everyone at the party.

Anyone can take a turn, or join in with someone else, or just listen.  It’s a great way to get to know your friends and neighbors.

A hooley might break out spontaneously anytime friends are gathered at a neighbor’s house, usually in the kitchen, where everyone can share the food and drink brought along by the guests.


2017 Grand Marshals and Aides Named

The Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade has named Julie Albin and Chris Albin as Grand Marshals of the 2017 Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which takes place on Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 1 pm.  They will be accompanied by Aides to the Grand Marshal Sophie McCabe and Fred Hill.  The Marshals and Aides will be installed at an Irish Hoolely to be held at St. Rocco Hall on February 18, 2017, 7 – 10 p.m.


Line of March

The Line of March for Sunday’s Parade can be downloaded here and an alphabetical version here.

Order in Line of March


SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2012


Assembly Location

Glen Cove Police Color Guard For Ave West of Sunrise driveway
Nassau County Police Color Guard For Ave West of Sunrise driveway
Nassau County Police Mounted Unit For Ave West of Sunrise driveway
 Tara Pipes and Drums AREA A Front of basketball court
Irish Wolfhound Club of Long Island AREA A Front of basketball court
G. M. Maureen Basdavanos AREA A Front of basketball court
Aides to G.M. Sioban Rack & John Hanley AREA A Front of basketball court
GC Mayor and other dignitaries AREA A Front of basketball court
Matinecock Irish Brigade For Ave close to Dosoris Lane
Siol na hEireann Pipe Band AREA B – Basketball   Court
Division 8 LAOH and AOH AREA B – Basketball   Court
Car carrying Division 8 member/s For Ave behind Irish Brigade
AOH Nassau County Board AREA B – Basketball   Court
LAOH Nassau County Board AREA B – Basketball   Court
 GLOR NA GAEL PIPE BAND AREA B – Basketball   Court
AOH John P. McGuinness Div. 14 AREA B – Basketball   Court
Knights of Columbus – James Norton Council AREA B – Basketball   Court
Loggia Glen Cove 1016 AREA B – Basketball     Court
Sons of Italy AREA B – Basketball     Court
Kiwanis of Glen Cove AREA B – Basketball     Court
Xaverian High School Band- Bay Ridge Brooklyn AREA B – Basketball     Court
Massapequa American Legion Post 1066 Twirlers AREA B – Basketball     Court
Glenwood Landing American Legion – Post 336 AREA B – Basketball   Court
Gold Mixed Martial Arts & Kickboxing AREA B – Basketball     Court
Scout Groups,  6, 14, 78, 125, 278 & others AREA B – Basketball   Court
YMCA Pre-School & Administration Staff AREA B – Basketball   Court
St. Patrick’s CYO track & field team AREA B – Basketball     Court
St. Martin de Porres TIN WHISTLE CLUB AREA B – Basketball   Court
All Saints Regional Cast of  Play “Godspell” AREA B – Basketball     Court
St. Rocco’s CYO track & field team AREA B – Basketball     Court
Finley Middle School cast of Play,school house rock” AREA B – Basketball     Court
St. Paul’s Dance Academy –Irish stepdancers AREA B – Basketball     Court
Irish/American Society of NassauSuffolk &Queens AREA B – Basketball     Court
Nassau County FFs Emerald Society AREA B – Basketball     Court
St. Patrick’s Spanish Ministry AREA B – Basketball     Court
Long Island Brass & Percussion AREA B – Basketball     Court
St. Edwards Twirlers AREA B – Basketball      Court
L.I.G.H.T. Long Island Greyhound Transfer AREA B – Basketball     Court
Bethpage Federal Credit Union AREA B – Basketball     Court
Ye Pyrate Brotherhood AREA B – Basketball     Court
American Red Cross of Nassau County  sunrise driveway
Sunrise Assisted Living  sunrise driveway
The Atria at Glen Cove sunrise driveway
The Regency At Glen Cove sunrise driveway
Glen Cove Senior Center  sunrise driveway
Family & Friends of Dustin Hill Motorcycle Club For Ave east of sunrise driveway
Glen Cove Road Panthers  Middle School Lot –W. side
O Boys 4 by 4 Race Team Finley Horseshoe Parking Lot
Omar’s Monster Truck Finley Horseshoe Parking Lot
Gold Coast Cruisers  Middle School Lot –W. side
92.3 NOW Radio Station Middle School Lot –W. side
Kowasaki Mule Tractor (Ralph D’Allesandro) Middle School Lot –W. side
US Coast Guard, Aux.Div 12, Glen Cove Middle School Lot –W. side
Glen Cove Vol. Fire Dept Dosoris Lane
Glen Cove Vol. EMS Dosoris Lane
WANTAGH American Legion Pipe Band Dosoris Lane
Glenwood Fire Company Dosoris Lane
Sea Cliff Vol. Fire Dept. Dosoris Lane
Roslyn Rescue Fire Dept. Dosoris Lane
LONG BEACH Seaside Marching Band Dosoris Way
Locust Valley Vol. Fire Dept. Dosoris Way
Bayville Vol. Fire Company Dosoris Way
K-Joy Radio Station Van For Ave East of Sunrise driveway



Please note, some groups such as # 12, 17, 18, 19 & 20  may have one vehicle also, so ask them to park by Finley on Forest Ave and pull into parade once they see their marching unit.

Also try to ensure that #s 51, 52 & 53 go after Gold Coast Cruisers so as to provide a buffer for the pipe band.



Parade Route and Directions

Parade Route


  • The Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade forms behind the Finley Middle School, Forest Avenue.
  • The Parade moves from the designated formation areas around the Finley Middle School and into Forest Avenue south of Dosoris Lane.
  • It then follows Brewster Street  to School Street.
  • From there it moves into Glen Street
  • It then  follows Glen Street to the end of Parade Route at St. Patrick’s Church, which is located at the corner of Glen Street and Pearsall Avenue.



Parade Directions and Parking

Parking For Parade Participants

There is no parking available at the staging grounds. The school parking areas there are used solely for lining up the marching units and inflating the balloons and, thus, are closed to all vehicles.  There are no exceptions. Convenient parking is available at the Glen Cove Parking Garages on Brewster Street;  free shuttle buses are available from there to the beginning of the parade.  A free shuttle bus is available for marchers from St. Patrick’s Church parking lot at the end of the parade to the staging area.


For Spectators
There are large multilevel parking garages behind the School Street and Glen Street viewing areas of the parade.  The garages on the north of School Street may be entered from Brewster Street and the garages on the south side can be entered from Glen Street or from Highland Road.  Both parking areas give easy access to the School Street and Glen Street viewing areas.  All parking is free.

Directions from Long Island Expressway:

1. Exit at Exit 39, Glen Cove Road.

2. Take Glen Cove Road North.

3. Glen Cove Road crosses the intersection of Rte 25A (Northern Blvd. – Wheatley Plaza,  Pathmark is on the right) and then the intersection of Glen Head Road (the Brookville Diner is on the right).

4. After passing through the intersection with Glen Head Road, Route 107 merges with Glen Cove Road.  Stay to the left.  You will see St. Hyacinth’s Church on the right.  Stay in the left lane and soon after the church you will come to a fork in the road.  Stay to the left and take the left hand fork, which is a bypass into Glen Cove.

5. Route 107 ends opposite the Glen Cove Fire Department.  Turn right, onto Brewster Street and follow Brewster Street to the corner of Doris Lane and Forest Avenue, where the grounds of the Finley Middle School begin, on the left.


Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade – March 18, 2012

parade_icon1The 24rd Annual Glen Cove St Patrick’s Day Parade will take place on Sunday, March 18th at 1 p.m.

The Parade has taken place annually since 1989.  It has grown to be the largest annual parade in Glen Cove and a civic celebration that is eagerly awaited each spring by all residents of the North Shore and the entire Irish community of Long Island.


Past and Present Grand Marshalls

It is our custom each year to honor a person as “Grand Marshal” of the Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and one or more additional individuals as “Aides to the Grand Marshal:

1989 	 John F. Sweeney               Postmaster, City of Glen Cove
1990 	 P.O. Stephen McDonald         Hero Police Officer
1991 	 Hon. Denis Dillon             District Attorney, Nassau Co.
1992 	 Sr. Janet A. Fitzgerald       President, Molloy College
1993 	 Joseph V. Buckley             Restaurateur
1994 	 Rep. Peter King               Congressman
1995 	 Jack Ryan                     President, SEIU Local 74
1996 	 William V. Whelan             President, Emerald Society, FDNY
1997 	 Brian Fitzpatrick             Councilman, City of Glen Cove
1998 	 Michael McCormick             National Historian, AOH
1999 	 Jack Irwin                    Governor’s Assistant for Irish Affairs
2000 	 Hon. Thomas R. Suozzi         Mayor, City of Glen Cove; Nassau County Executive
2001 	 Patrick J. Lynch              President, NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association
2002 	 Mary Gilroy-Doohan, M.D.      Director, Emergency Services NSUH Glen Cove
2003 	 Tony Jackson                  Irish radio personality WRHU-FM Radio, Hofstra Univesity
2004 	 Mary Ann Holzkamp             Mayor, City of Glen Cove
2005 	 James McCabe                  Hibernian Activist
2006 	 The "Fighting 69th"
2007 	 Jack McDougal                 Police Sergeant
2008     John W.C. Canning             Attorney and Public Servant
2009     Robert P. Lynch               Attorney and Teacher
2010     Thomas J. Lilly               Attorney and Pro-Life Activist
2011     Andrew Stafford               Former Parade Chairman
2012     Maureen Basdavanos            Glen Cove Deputy Mayor

2012 Grand Marshal – Maureen Basdavanos

Maureen is the oldest daughter of Michael and Mary Moran.  She has served as Deputy Mayor for the City of Glen Cove, for the past four years, appointed by Mayor Ralph V. Suozzi in 2008.

Maureen was born and raised in Sea Cliff, NY.  She received her education at St. Boniface Martyr School, North Shore High School and The Katherine Gibbs School.  She became a member of the Ladies AOH in 2010.  It seemed like a natural progression since the AOH has been a major part of her life since she was a child.  She is a member of St. Patrick’s Parish, but also keeps her childhood parish of St. Boniface Martyr close at heart.

Maureen is a member of the Board of Directors for Glen Cove C.A.R.E.S. and a Board member for the Glen Cove Business Improvement District (BID), the Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Sounds Committee, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission and is a long-time supporter of the Glen Cove Animal Lover’s League.  She was an active member of the Glen Cove High School Booster Club volunteering with her husband Bill to photograph and report weekly on all JV and Varsity sports.  She was also a long-time volunteer Cheerleading Coach for Glen Cove Jr. Football and Cheerleading and a Cub Scout leader.

Maureen is married to Bill Basdavanos, Ex-Chief of the Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Dept.  They have two children – Sean Michael who lives in Long Beach and owns a dessert café in Rockville Center and Kelly Anne who is a senior at Our Lady of Mercy Academy and is looking forward to college next year.




2012 Aide To The Grand Marshal – Sioban Lane Rack

Sioban is the third child to Daniel and (the late) Sally Lane.  Her dad is from County Cork Ireland and her mom was from County Tyrone, Ireland.  She was raised to enjoy Irish step dancing, music, laughter and the sounds of the bagpipes.  Sioban was born in Roslyn, NY and raised in Sea Cliff with her three siblings, Dennis, Patricia and Daniel Joseph, where she attended St. Boniface Martyr School, North Shore High School and ITT Business School.  She has been an employee of SCO Family of Services for Thirty-three years.

In all her roles over the last 33 years, one thing has remained constant; year after year Sioban has brought happiness to thousands of children across the agency.  With corporate contacts, volunteers and donors she has provided Christmas for hundreds of children and adolescents every year, arranged trips and special outings, and recently, working with the Garden of Dreams foundation, she has even enabled some of our children to perform at Radio City Music Hall.

In addition to all of this Sioban has worked with volunteers, putting together highly successful events that have raised funds to support programs across the agency.  Her success in this area is a direct result of the passion she has for the children and families she services.

She has been a member of the LAOH since 2006 serving as Vice President and President.  She has been involved with the St. Patrick’s Day dance, Garage Sales and all LAOH fund raising activities.  She is also a member of the St. Boniface Martyr Ministries.

Sioban is married to the love of her life Jim Rack and they are enjoying raising their son – James Rack who is 16 years old and a junior at North Shore High School.


2012 Aide To The Grand Marshal – John J. Hanley

John J. Hanley was born on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on August 15, 1965 in Franklin Square on Long Island. He was the only child of John Hanley and Catherine McDermott, both of whom trace their family trees to Roscommon. He attended grammar school and High School in Franklin Square at Willow Road and St. Catherine of Sienna elementary schools and Valley Stream North High School. He attended St. John’s University in Jamaica, New York where he majored in Accounting. His greatest memory of attending St. John’s was having the opportunity to attend an on-campus speech by President Ronald Reagan on March 28, 1985. Of note, is that John had actually won a drawing to attend St. John’s final four appearance in Lexington, Kentucky on the same day and decided to see The President’s speech instead.

He graduated St. John’s in 1987 and began an accounting career which landed him as an Internal Auditor for MetLife and received his designation as a Certified Public Accountant in 1993.

In 1991, at a High School friend’s wedding, he met Teresa Esposito. John and Teresa were married in 1993. They moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn where Teresa was completing her internship as a physician. When Teresa accepted an invitation to complete her residency at Glen Cove Hospital, they moved to an apartment in Glen Head, New York where they remained until the 1998 birth of their first daughter, Isabella. They then moved north to Glen Cove. Lara, their second daughter, was born in 2000 followed by their third, Victoria, in 2004.

While working for MetLife in New Jersey, Mr. Hanley attended Touro Law School at night. He graduated law school in 1997 and was admitted to the bar in the Spring of 1998.

In 2005, John was invited to join the team seeking election to the City Council of Glen Cove. While unsuccessful, his Irish stubroness led him to attempt two more times, the latest being in 2011.

Since becoming a member of Division 8 of the A.O.H. in 2005, Mr. Hanley has served as the President, Vice-President and Marshall, the latter being his current position with The Division. He currently serves on the Glen Cove High School Community Scholarship Committee and is Past President of the Catholic Accountant’s Guild of Rockville Centre.

John would like to thank the Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee for inviting him to be an Aide to the Grand Marshall in the 2012 Glen Cove Parade and for the honor of marching next to fellow Aide to the Grand Marshall, Sioban Rack and Grand Marshall Maureen Basdavanos. John would also like to express the deepest love and gratitude to Teresa, Isabella, Lara and Victoria for their constant support, encouragement and sacrifice which allow him to fulfill his duties with the A.O.H.