2007 Grand Marshal – Jack McDougal

Jack was born and raised in Glen Cove where he resides with his wife Karen.

Jack has served his community as a member of the Glen Cove Police Department for 23 years and is currently a Sergeant.  He has received 30 commendations, including for removing illegal guns from the street, rescuing 2 people from a burning house and delivering a baby.

Jack has been a Hibernian for 6 years, making his mark by spearheading such projects as the Christmas party for the Boys and Girls Club, programs in support of our service members overseas and the innovative annual blessing of the Christmas crèche downtown.

Jack is also a member of the K of C, a board member of both the Boys and Girls Club and the Substance Abuse Free Environment Citizens Committee, sits on the Community Pride Project Committee and is an active member of St. Patrick’s Parish.

Jack is well known for his work in local schools, including with Parents as Reading Partners, anti-bullying classes and as a teacher with the PRIDE anti-drug program, as well as a mentor with the Glen Cove Youth Board.

The Hibernians proudly join such other groups as the Animal Lovers League and the Glen Cove PTA in naming Jack as our annual honoree and we look forward with pride to marching behind him as he leads this year’s parade as Grand Marshal.

PO Jack McDougal Pays Tribute to Fallen Comrades

Flanking Officer McDougal are Kenneth Honig, Port Authority Police Operations Captain (l) and Tom Buchta , PAPD, retired.

Glen Cove Record Pilot Oct 4, 2002

As do many descendents of the Emerald Isle, Glen Cove Police Officer Jack McDougal has the soul of an artist in the body of a policeman. He is a writer and has the gift of gab, and while he insists his drawing talent is limited to stick figures, the artistry in his soul recently found a way to verbalize itself and, with the aid of artist Kevin Vetrone’s skilled hands, what began as a stick figure vision is now a work of art.

Profoundly affected by the terrorist attacks of last year, Officer McDougal sketched three stick figures, labeled them police, fire and EMS, and sketched a flag in front of the now famous image of the girders and beams that remained after the Twin Towers fell. Knowing his fellow officer Det. Steve Vetrone was as strongly affected as he, he showed Det. Vetrone his inchoate artwork, along with the message, “Without Hesitation…In God’s Service…September 11, 2001.” In one of those coincidences that was meant to be, Det. Vetrone just happens to have a brother, Kevin, who just happens to be an artist. Although Kevin Vetrone does not live locally, he coincidentally just happened to be in town. Detective Vetrone introduced Mr. Vetrone to Officer McDougal and the rest, as they say, is history.

Officer McDougal says of the collaboration, “I never thought all those months ago when I described my feelings to Det. Vetrone…that the result would be such a touching tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11, 2001.” The picture, a black and white drawing and computer art piece, “is the story of firefighters, police officers and emergency medical personnel who wrote their social security numbers on their arms and called their families to tell them how much they loved them. They knew the risk they were taking. It took more than duty and honor…it took goodness and that goodness was the ultimate love and sacrifice for other people,” according to Officer McDougal.

In the main chamber of Glen Cove City Hall on Tuesday, Sept. 24, Officer McDougal presented the framed picture to Mayor Mary Ann Holzkamp and the City of Glen Cove and on behalf of the police department, fire department, EMS and the harbor patrol. He entered city hall followed by an honor guard of the champions he represented, and surrounded by colleagues from the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Glen Cove Boys and Girls Club and members of the Port Authority Police Department, who made a special trip to Glen Cove for the presentation.

Also in the audience were a number of very proud family members: wife Karen, mother-in-law Louise Bell, father Harold McDougal, brother Don, nephew Michael and aunt Yvonne, as well as friends filling up whatever seats were left. Officer McDougal told this reporter that he could not express what it meant to him to look out and see so many family members and friends. “I’m so happy to be able to get the message out. People always hear about it when a cop or firefighter gets in trouble; people need to know that 99 percent of all of them are good.” He reiterated his pride that “nobody went in and said, ‘Line up according [to] color, race or religion.’ They [just] saved hundreds of people.”

Officer McDougal presented Mayor Holzkamp with a T-shirt bearing the same image as his artwork. The mayor thanked him, and remarked that “We can see by this portrayal that [September 11] got to a deep part of Jack’s soul. We are very proud of you; you are a police officer with a heart of gold.”

Ending the presentation and ready to begin the regular city council meeting, the mayor, overcome with emotion, was unable to finish the request she began, and, always the gentleman, and always a good man, Officer McDougal offered, “Do you want me to lead the Pledge of Allegiance?” The mayor nodded.

Glen Cove Community Honors PO Jack McDougal

This year’s Glen Cove PTA Council Scholarship Dinner Dance was an overwhelming success because of the tremendous love and support our community has for the honoree, PO Jack McDougal. Officer McDougal, the embodiment of the Hibernian credo “friendship, unity and Christian charity,” is perhaps the most easily recognizable man in blue around Glen Cove. His dedication to children of all ages and with varied needs, his patriotism and his volunteer efforts are just a handful of reasons Jack was chosen by the PTA Council.

On behalf of the City, Glen Cove Mayor Mary Ann Holzkamp presented a citation to PO Jack McDougal in recognition of his commitment to Glen Cove children and his outstanding record as a police officer. All photos by Peter M. Budraitis Photography

The evening was filled with praise and emotion and of course, since Jack was being honored, plenty of laughter. Music was provided by the talented Glen

Cove High School Jazz band under the direction of Rich Roselli. Jack received recognition from Mayor Mary Ann Holzkamp; State Assemblyman Charles Lavine; County Legislator Diane Yatauro; Interim Superintendent of Glen Cove School; Dr. Jerry Cicchelli; members of the Glen Cove school board and school district administrators; the Glen Cove Teachers Association; the Community Scholarship Fund; Pat Hall, president of the Glen Cove PBA; the Glen Cove Boys and Girls Club; the Glen Cove Youth Bureau; SAFE (formerly GCCCASA); and last, but not in any way least, Ed Doohan on behalf of the Glen Cove Hibernians. Not to be outdone, Karen McDougal, Jack’s wife, paid tribute to her husband and his unique attributes that make him a worthy honoree of an organization that, like Jack, advocates for children. Her explanation to Jack, when he asked her why she thought he connected so naturally with children was, “Of course it’s natural, you never grew up.”

At the 2005 Community Scholarship Dinner Dance, honoree Jack McDougal is pictured with his wife Karen and the Glen Cove PTA Council executive board: Irene Leahy, treasurer; Marion Voegtlen, co-president; Marilyn Abrams, vice president; Carolyn Boz, recording secretary; Zefy Christopoulos, corresponding secretary and Tina Hament, co-president.

And in the not to be outdone by his wife category, Jack himself paid tribute to Karen and to friends and role models who have always been there for him. “Jerry Caparella is always asking me what he can do to support any fundraiser I get involved with. Sometimes I have to find a fundraiser just to get him to stop asking.”

Honoree McDougal ending his talk by elaborating on the standard “I thank God” remark that so many athletes, actors or musicians say when they receive an award. “I’m going to be more specific,” he said. “Thank you, God, for so many good people to care about and thank You so much for so many good people who care about me.”

The Community Scholarship Fund has been awarding college scholarships to Glen Cove High School students since 1957. They are funded through donations from individuals, corporations, the annual PTA dinner dance and the interest from endowment funds.